The one file Ruby on Rails prototype
Use a one file Ruby on Rails to prototype your domain model, attribute refactoring...
17 March 2023
Allow zooming with Turbo Android
It took me some time to find out how to enable zooming on Turbo Android. Let's document the setup.
03 February 2023
Webmock stubbed request not matched when running Rails system test
When writing a new system test I was puzzled by Webmock behavior. A stubbed request was not matched when running rails test:system.
19 February 2021
How to describe a response containing an array with Rswag
Learn how to describe a response containing an array using Rswag with RubyOnRails
24 December 2020
Quickly create mobile applications with Turbolinks
Imagine you are alone, or two working on a great project. You need to provide a web application + an Android app + an Ios app. What do you do? Do you create a web application using React, Vue then maybe use react-native to create mobile apps? React tends to add a lot of complexity and in the end, need experts to maintain it. I think there is a more productive way to do it.
21 March 2018
Rancher gotchas
I've been using Rancher for one year now with Cattle orchestrator. From ci to review env to production, I run everything with Rancher. It provides great value and is stable. Though we experienced some issues that I'd like to share here.
14 February 2018
How to unit test YAML file
Imagine you have a huge YAML file, say 800 lines of docker-compose.yml for example. Then you want to be sure that all your services run with memory limit and that something will complain if a new one doesn't have them. I wanted to unit test a YAML file.
13 February 2018