Don't add another clone application to your portfolio
17 March 2023

I see many junior developers asking whether they should add another clone like application to their portfolio. Twitter clone, Insta clone…

You can learn while implemnting those clones. But adding many of those clones on your Github profile won’t make you more valuable.

Focus on quality not quantity

Adding another tutorial like clone wont improve your skill that much. Why because they have no difficulty. They rely on few resources (that could be auto generated by Rails).

What I want to see in your Github portfolio

When looking for a developer I’m focusing on application structure, usage of background jobs, naming, size of the application, open source contribution.

I’d rather chose one junior with a small application of his own, showing a good structure (ever heard of patterns, domain models, meaningful names…).

Open source contribution is here to show me how he really works. Can he document the pull request? Add tests? Ability to talk with other developers ?